What is Considered Tall for a Woman?

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The height comparison can be tricky for women. It’s almost impossible to picture if a woman is considered tall enough to meet expectations in the world.
A more straightforward example would say, if a female is surrounded by shorter women, she’s tall height. If she’s among tall women, she’s short height.
So, you can easily picture the requirements for you to be considered tall change based on the average height in the country you reside in. Or, people in your life.
If you wonder about what is considered tall for a woman, keep on reading to find out!


  • What is the ideal height for a woman?
  • What does affect the height growth?
  • Does height affect health conditions?
  • How to grow taller?
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What is the ideal height for a woman?

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The ideal height for women is a subjective opinion and there isn’t just one height that everyone around the world acknowledges.
As a person’s height growth is affected by many factors.
It also depends on the average height of women in different countries and a person’s health condition.
Yet, based on research and surveys, between 5 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 7 inches height is considered a normal height around the world.
The average height for women in different countries
The body shape of an average woman has changed over the past century in the world.
The research support that American women have increased an inch ever since the 1960s, which is a slower rate compared to women’s height in other countries.
The national average height for women in different countries is:
United States: 5 feet 4 inches,

  • Australia: 5 feet 5 inches,
  • Britain: 5 feet 3 inches,
  • New Zealand: 5 feet 4 inches,
  • Ireland: 5 feet 5 inches,
  • France: 5 feet 4 inches,
  • Germany: 5 feet 5 inches,
  • Netherlands: 5 feet 6 inches.

Fun fact! The national average height for women is highest in Netherlands and Latvia, standing at 5 feet 6 inches.
Whereas 5’4 feet is considered the average height for women in most countries.

What does affect the height growth?

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There are many factors that influence height development, including:

  • Genetic factors,
  • Environment and age,
  • Health problems,
  • Amount of rest,
  • Nutrition, hormones, and other medical essentials.

Hereditary factors play a large role in female height.
Experts listed more than 700 different gene variants that determine the height – of growth plates and the formation of growth hormones.
So, the ideal height of a healthy woman mainly depends on genetic and environmental factors, alongside her age.

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Does height affect health conditions?

There aren’t specific health problems that come with the height difference of a woman.
Yet, being short or tall women might affect the risks, especially in adulthood.

Life span

Although this argument is still subjective, some research explains that shorter people tend to have a longer life span compared to taller people.


The scientific data collected and analyzed indicates that shorter people generally tend to develop type 2 diabetes more than taller people around the world. Especially women.
Thus, the most appropriate option for shorter women to protect their health is:

  • Losing extra weight and body fat with a balanced and nutrition-based diet,
  • Doing exercise regularly,
  • Balancing average work and rest times.

It’s imperative to have essential nutrients as a part of the diet to avoid other health problems.

Cardiovascular risk

Generally, the hearts of tall people are stronger than shorter women to sustain blood circulation.
So, taller people have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Body temperature

Tall people have warmer body temperatures compared to shorter people.
Thus, taller women have more heatstroke risk.

How to grow taller as an adult woman?

Women stop growing after getting through puberty. Therefore, there isn’t a way to increase height change for adult women.
However, it’s possible to fix posture, which makes a woman appear taller.

What is considered tall for a girl?

Any height above the average in a country is considered tall.
Thus, since the average height of American women is 5’4 feet, you’re considered tall if your height is above 5’4 or 162 cm.

What are the benefits of being a tall girl?

  • Tall girls tend to be advantaged in sports and athletics.
  • They don’t easily gain body fat.
  • A taller girl has a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • They stand among the crowd, which creates a sense of authority.

What are the disadvantages of being a tall woman?


Compared to women with standard height, tall women struggle with clothing. Whether it’s a dress or shoes that fit their foot.

• Transportation:

There isn’t enough head or leg room for taller women with long legs.

What kind of exercise should I do to be taller?

A female going through puberty can do exercises such as:

  • Spot and broad jumps,
  • Scissor jumps,
  • Skipping rope,
  • Sports like volleyball and basketball to grow taller than the average height.

Do tall women live longer?

Research says short women tend to live longer than tall women.
Yet, it’s possible to increase your life span as a tall woman with a diet of balanced nutrition and regular exercise.

Does my weight affect my height?

As an adult woman, it doesn’t affect your height.
But, obesity at an early age influences bone structure.
Which hormones affect height growth?
We can group hormones into three categories when we talk about height.

Growth hormones:

.a human using growth hormone medicine become taller

These hormones affect height the most and have a relation to speed of growth as medical conditions influence them.

Thyroid hormones:

The thyroid gland makes hormones that support growth.

Sex hormones:

Hormones such as testosterone and estrogen contribute to height development, especially during puberty.

Wrap Up

What is considered tall for a woman? has been a question asked by many, so we tried to answer you in this article.
If you’re still unsure, average heights change in countries around the world. So, you’re definitely tall in one of them!


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